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Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Natasha has fallen in love with sweets since early age. Her parents often took her to buy Martabak (Indonesian Pancake) and her most anticipated moment was watching the making process. She grew interest by looking at how the pancake was cooked, brushed with butter, and layered with different kinds of filling. When she was asked about her dream, she would innocently and confidently answered "Martabak seller".

It is not until high school that Nat decided to pursue her long-forgotten dream. She realised it was something bigger than selling pancakes. Nat moved to Sydney and majored in the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality (Patisserie) at Le Cordon Bleu to be a professionally-trained pastry chef.

In 2013 while completing her bachelor degree, Nat started her part-time business "Petite et Belle" creating macarons and birthday cakes. She then spent a few years working as a full-time pastry chef at some of Sydney's most renowned restaurants and patisseries. Though she loved her job, she knew inside that she had a flourishing passion and a bigger vision. She took off her chef uniform, exited commercial kitchen and chose to sit down at her humble home kitchen creating buttercream cakes and petite desserts. Something that brought her joy like no other.

She named her joy Flourette.

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