Shortbreads & Cookies

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Flavour, texture and aroma. Three absolute criteria that our cookies should have. We love bold flavours, delicate melt-in-the-mouth texture and buttery aroma. We source only quality ingredients, do batch tasting and take our time to develop each recipe before it is listed on the menu. Our cookies are packed in zip-lock bags to preserve its quality. Best consumed within four weeks after opening.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

55% callebaut® dark couverture, belgium cocoa, maldon sea salt


Earl Grey & Burnt Vanilla

roast earl grey tea, burnt vanilla beans, hint of cinnamon


Chocoffee Almond

espresso shot, chocolate chips, almonds, brown sugar


Burnt Butter & Macadamia

nutty brown butter, macadamia, maldon sea salt

Matcha & Coconut

japanese green tea, white chocolate chips, almond extract, fine coconut


Chewy Peanut Butter

chunky peanuts, chocolate chips, almond extract (contain eggs)