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“Without giving and sharing, there is no true Christmas...”

Christmas during my childhood days was all about holiday, presents, new dresses and family feast with gorgeous-looking desserts. Mom always allowed us to eat more sweets and that was the reason I fell in love with Christmas. It is those happy memories that remain in my heart and make Christmas so meaningful to me up to this very day.

But truly Christmas is all about sharing love and creating moments of togetherness.

This year I have prepared a magical box of delicious treats:

Christmas Sweet Box

to wish you and your loved ones a warm Christmas filled with love and laughter. 


- Nat -

Christmat Sweet Box is filled with six delightful treats, such as: 

  • Hand-painted Vanilla-bread Man Cookie

  • Cookies & Cream Donuts

  • Caramel Popcorn with Macadamia

  • Flourette's Infamous Chocoffee Almond Shortbreads

  • Strawberry Watermelon Chocolate Bar

  • Flourette's Chocolate Milkshake Mix with Callebaut 54% Belgium Couverture

Each piece inside this box is made using quality ingredients, both locally and internationally sourced.

Our chocolate bar is made of dark chocolate that is infused with watermelon fruit oils and sprinkled with almonds and Callebaut's crunchy strawberry pearls.

To make it more special, we include one of Flourette's most favourite creation in this box: Chocoffee Almond Shortbreads. Perfect for those who enjoy the presence of coffee, this shortbreads are made of brewed espresso, chocolate chips, almonds, brown sugar and German vanilla extract. Maldon sea salt flakes are then incorporated to create a distinct note and texture. One of the most fragrant cookies we have ever made and tasted.


Another gorgeous treat that we specially made for this box is our homemade Chocolate Milkshake Mix. Unlike the ordinary milkshake mix out there, this one is specially created so that you can enjoy homemade high quality chocolate milkshake. We blend Callebaut® 54% Belgium dark couverture chocolate with De Zaan cocoa powder from Netherlands, mix them with a bit of milk powder, icing sugar and Maldon sea salt flakes. We also make it easy for you. Just stir in some boiling water, chill it down and mix with your favourite ice cream to create a glorious chocolate milkshake. On a day when you are dreaming of a cup of hot chocie, just omit the ice cream part and drink the hot mix as it is. Scrumptious hot chocolate ever! (directions are provided)

Pre-order of this box starts now until December 22nd.

For more info on pricing, dates of collection and allergen information, please contact us here or fill out our contact form.

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